SU’s Skills Training program is a high-energy, high-impact way for you to work on your game for the High School, Little League, and Summer seasons ahead! We use a unique combination of teaching, technique and technology to help you rapidly improve your mechanics and training approach, and you will see the difference from week to week.

Each session runs four weeks and covers skills YOU want to work on: Pitching and Catching, Power Hitting, and Fielding. Sign up for one, two, or all three.

Pitching or Catching


Work with our seasoned instructors to refine your pitching motion/mechanics and receiving technique. We’ll help pitchers find a consistent release point to maximize velocity, control, and mastery of the change-up. Catchers will learn techniques for working with pitchers, blocking the ball, and taking charge on the field.


All athletes have power potential; they just need to gain a better understanding of how to use their bodies efficiently to maximize power. We will work with you on specific techniques to improve bat speed, find the gaps, slap outside pitches the other way, and even clear the fences.


The goal of our fielding program is to provide a weekly workout that will help players gain confidence in their defensive game. Whether you are tracking a fly ball, going deep in the hole for a backhand, or just trying to stay down on a tricky hop, we’ll give you lots of reps and tips for footwork and positioning to help you become a better fielder.